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We use our firepit to highlight the flavours of our seasonal, local produce. Simple dishes with bold flavours, created and served by a team with a joy for food.

  • 2 Course $45

    entrée/main or main/dessert

  • 3 course $55

    entrée, main, dessert

  • Chevre & Mushroom Cappelletti $22

    Pumpkin puree, sage, orange, smoked pepitas, vegetable jus

  • Kingfish Sashimi $22

    Smoked daikon and apple, fermented pineapple, cashew cream (gf, df)

  • Grilled Pork Belly $21

    Salt-baked pear, ricotta, lime salted caramel, kale (gf)

  • Pepper-Seared Sirloin $23

    Burnt leek, beef floss, pickled black beans, horseradish

  • BBQ Kingfish $33

    Split pea, fire roasted okra, green chilli, harissa (gf, df)

  • Fire-Scorched Lamb Rump $33

    Celeriac, lentils, white miso custard, balsamic reduction (gf)

  • Smoked Pig Head Macaroni & Cheese $30

    Chilli and pine nut gremolata, cured egg

  • Firepit Marion Bay Chicken $31

    Macadamia and lemon skordalia, smoked garlic sauce, roasted cauliflower

  • Confit Artichoke $28

    Almond cream, currant jelly, lentil and citrus salsa, silverbeet (V, gf)

  • Tempura eggplant, cashew cream, whisky pickled mustard seeds, smoked pepitas (v,gf,df) $8.5
  • Churros, nduja sauce, pecorino $8.5
  • Fire roasted carrots, rosemary labneh, whisky and whey reduction (v, gf) $8.5
  • Mascarpone Semifreddo $16

    passionfruit and mandarin syllabub, toasted almond (gf)

  • Chocolate Mousse $15

    Whiskey poached pear, milk caramel, whipped cream, walnut (gf)

  • Paperbark-Smoked Brie $15

    Fire-roasted bread, kumquat and mandarin jelly (gfo, v)

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  • Dairy Free Df
  • Dairy Free Option Dfo
  • Gluten Free gf
  • Gluten Free Option gfo
  • Vegetarian v
  • Vegetarian Option vo
  • Vegan V
  • Vegan Option VO
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Just quickly,

We work with seasonal produce to make sure you always get the very best, which means our menu can sometimes change without a great deal of notice.

If you’re after something in particular and you want to make sure we have it, just give us a call :)